The African Survivor Coalition can partner with anti-human-trafficking entities in several ways to combat human trafficking and support its victims. Some possible ways to partner include:

  1. Collaboration on Programs and Initiatives: We work with anti-human-trafficking entities to develop and implement programs and initiatives aimed at preventing human trafficking, supporting victims, and prosecuting traffickers.
  2. Technical Support: We provide technical support to anti-human-trafficking entities, including expertise on issues such as survivor support, advocacy, and capacity building.
  3. Advocacy and Awareness Raising: We partner with anti-human-trafficking entities to advocate for policies that protect the rights of victims and raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and the need for action.
  4. Data Collection and Research: We collaborate with anti-human-trafficking entities on data collection and research projects related to human trafficking in Africa.
  5. Joint Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: We work with anti-human-trafficking entities to jointly fundraise and mobilize resources for programs and initiatives to combat human trafficking.

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