The African Survivor Coalition is composed of African human-trafficking survivor leaders working together with a common goal to eradicate all forms of human trafficking in Africa while advocating for justice, victims’ rights and restoration.

We are here to support all anti-human-trafficking stakeholders as a resource for information for your research, initiatives, projects, policy-making, and conference participation. Our experiences, thoughts, and knowledge can be used to inform policy decisions, build capacity, increase awareness, and assist victims.

By highlighting the voices of African survivors of human trafficking, we:

  • Amplify the African survivor narrative on human trafficking response
  • Demonstrate survivor leaders’ multidimensionality
  • Contextualize effective solutions to tackle human trafficking and its aftermath
  • Engage, empower and equip survivors as leaders
  • Ensure Member States’ laws, policies, and regulations comply with international human rights standards in human trafficking
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We amplify African survivor leaders’ voices in regional and global anti-human-trafficking interventions and work towards a shared goal of ending human trafficking and supporting its victims and survivors.

  • To create a supportive network of survivor leaders throughout Africa and to increase the effectiveness and long-term viability of survivor-led anti-human-trafficking operations.
  • To coordinate the development of joint anti-human-trafficking strategies, advocacy, representation, and visibility of survivor leadership.
  • To facilitate cooperation, build capacity, share expertise, and support standard-setting along with the incorporation of global developments into regional actions.

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