Welcome to the African Survivor Leadership Academy, where resilience meets empowerment in an Afro-centric approach and transformative online learning environment. As an initiative of the African Survivor Coalition, our aim is to improve access to education, enhance leadership skills, and foster a supportive community where survivors can thrive and lead change in their communities and beyond.

In the face of adversity, survivors often emerge as powerful leaders, yet they encounter barriers that impede their progress. Understanding that survivors of human trafficking in Africa face unique challenges and barriers, including limited skills, access to resources, and knowledge, we strive to bridge the gap in survivor engagement and representation within the anti-trafficking movement. Through the African Survivor Leadership Academy (ASLA), we are dedicated to providing tailored support, resources, and opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Our training at the ASLA offers:

  •      Expert Instructors: Learn from subject-matter experts and survivor educators.
  •      Tailored Curriculum: Designed by survivors, for survivors, reflecting African experiences.
  •      Sector-Specific Training: Customized to address unique challenges in each sector.
  •      Allies and survivors unite, exploring proven case studies for effective learning.


Suggested Audience

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking
  • Community Activists
  • Non-profit and NGO Staff
  • Government Officials and Policy Makers
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Legal Professionals
  • Educators 
  • Researchers
  • Social Service Providers
  • Bankers

Stay tuned for more updates on the African Survivor Leadership Academy
– coming soon to empower survivor leaders across Africa and beyond.

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