Your support is crucial to the African Survivor Coalition’s fight against human trafficking.

Whether you donate as an individual or through a foundation or company, your contribution enables us to:

  • Empower survivor leaders.
  • Advocate for support services for victims and survivors of human trafficking.
  • Support survivors in building their own platforms and initiatives.

Why Partner with the African Survivor Coalition?

  • Partnering with the African Survivor Coalition amplifies your impact in the fight against human trafficking. By collaborating with survivor-led initiatives, you contribute to a more holistic and survivor-centered approach to combating trafficking.
  • We prioritize the voices of survivors, ensuring their perspectives and experiences shape advocacy efforts and program development. Partnering with us demonstrates a commitment to survivor empowerment and genuine inclusion in anti-trafficking efforts.
  • We comprise survivor leaders with diverse expertise and insights. Partnering with us grants you access to this valuable knowledge, enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of your anti-trafficking initiatives.
  • Partnering with the African Survivor Coalition expands your network within the anti-trafficking community. You’ll have opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, donors, and stakeholders committed to ending human trafficking in Africa.
  • By partnering with the coalition, you gain access to shared resources, including research, training materials, and advocacy tools. This collaboration maximizes the utilization of resources and fosters greater collective impact.
  • The African Survivor Coalition serves as a hub for knowledge and information, providing valuable insights and resources to support your projects and initiatives.

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Your donation will help us amplify their voices, influence policies, and create a resilient
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