We are looking for prominent survivor leaders from 54 African countries to
be part of the biggest survivor coalition in Africa against human trafficking

Prevention through Lived Experience and Partnership: We empower survivors to lead and contribute to the fight against human trafficking in Africa. Recognizing survivors as experts and agents of change, we bring survivor leaders together to coordinate and mobilize their efforts in improving the response to human trafficking across the continent.

African survivors who are at the forefront of ending human trafficking in Africa

Get connected to a resilient community of survivors, participate in trauma-informed programs and training, and receive information on networks, resources, funding, and community.

By joining us, expect the following:

  • Grow and develop personal and professional leadership capacity
  • Participate in global high-level discussions on anti-human-trafficking topics
  • Engage in regional and national activities on human trafficking in Africa
  • Take part in digital and cultural advocacy actions, including national campaigns with survivor voices at the forefront
  • Join educational webinars on trauma-informed advocacy
  • Receive guidance on story sharing and advocacy
Join Us

By joining us, you are saying:

You have experienced any form of modern slavery or human trafficking and would like to grow together with survivor leaders in Africa. For example, you might have experienced force, fraud, or coercion in any form of labor, including the sex trades or other criminalized economies. You might have been commercially sexually exploited as a child or engaged in commercial sex while a minor.

After attending a two-hour onboarding training, Full Members can access:

  • Members-only interactive training and professional development
  • Google group for discussion
  • Monthly meetings
  • Working groups

Support Us

Join survivor leaders in the fight against human trafficking

Your donation will help us amplify their voices, influence policies, and create a resilient
anti-trafficking movement in Africa. Donate to transform survivor experiences into
impactful actions that benefit all victims of trafficking in Africa.